OpEx in Plastics and Polymers Summit 2017

Analysing strategies, regulatory updates and best practices to conquer the commercial and technical challenges facing the plastics and polymers industry to drive operational excellence.

Operational Excellence in Plastics
and Polymers Summit 2017

Indian plastics and polymers industry is on a strong growth trajectory and is expected to reach 1.7 lakh crore from 1.02 lakh crore last year in 2016. To drive growth in such a fast moving industry, business leaders in plastics and polymers should put operational excellence in the forefront of their business strategy to drive out cost and complexity to optimize the performance of their facilities, workforce and assets.

Be a part of Inventicon’s OpEx in Plastics and Polymers Summit, the only event in the region which exposes you to the latest strategies to drive operational excellence in your organisation. Hear it from the industry veterans about the innovations in technologies and the best practices to implement world class manufacturing while combating the challenges like waste and energy management, maximizing workforce performance, lean manufacturing and much more. The platform will encourage operations and manufacturing experts to share their state of the art case studies which will address the critical issues that the industry is facing. Stay ahead of the curve by making use of the excellent opportunity to learn best practices and network with those dealing with the same challenges you have.






Key Benefits

OpEx in Plastics and Polymers is the only event in the region which focuses on strategies to achieve manufacturing excellence. It aims at gathering the key industry leaders to discuss the challenges and their solution, technology advancements and the current trends in the market.

Key Topics of Discussion

Day One
  • Plastics and polymers in India: Boosting India’s competitive edge globally
  • Navigating through regulatory challenges within plastics and polymers industry
  • Meeting the current challenge of feedstock inconsistency of polymer’s quality
  • Identifying energy saving opportunities in plastic processing units
  • Maximizing workforce performance in today’s plastics and polymers industry
  • The commercial impact on olefins and polyolefins technologies on cost competitiveness
  • Combating the challenges in industrial automation in plastics and polymers industry
  • 3D printing technology and innovations
  • Bioplastics: Biodegradable Polymers and Blends
  • Waste Management – Rethinking the future of plastics
  • Using lean to drive operational excellence in thermoplastics manufacturing
Day Two
  • Talk shop : Producer | Processor | Brand owner
  • Mastering the science of operational excellence in a plastics injection molding industry
  • Development in conversions and post processing technologies
  • Innovation in packaging and safety compliance
  • Updates in making PVC for construction industry
  • Plastics in automotive engineering
  • Potential of plasticulture in India
  • Biomedical plastics industry- New challenges and new solutions

Why should you attend?

  • Embed operational excellence in your organizational DNA
  • Stay informed on the latest technology being used by the leading experts in the plastics and polymers industry
  • Meet the stakeholders and the industry experts to learn the advancements and technology innovations taking place with regards to plastics and polymers process
  • Understand the best techniques for maintaining feedstock consistency
  • Talk shop on Producer, Processors and Brand owners and their view points on how to make the process smoother
  • Expose yourselves to the latest advancements in packaging, plasticulture, medical, FMCG, automotive

Who will you meet?

CEOs , COOs, Directors, VPs, General Managers & Functional Heads of:

Operational Excellence






Process improvement / Continuous improvement

Investor Relations / Stakeholder management

Media Management

Industries who will attend

  • From the below industries:
    • Manufacturers of Polymers & Speciality plastics
    • Plastics processing companies
  • Manufacturers of finished plastic products from the below sectors:
      Packaging, Automotive, Medical, Agriculture, Construction, Electronics, FMCG

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